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Meet the Trainer

Bailey Wilfong

Iv'e been a trainer in London Ontario for 13 years. I work with a wide range of clients from retired athletes, to the mom next door, to the all day desk jockey. If you're willing to come in, work hard, have fun, and not take things too seriously, I am your trainer. 

I am not your "12 week fit fix" or your "30 days to fit" type of trainer. My clients come to me embracing exercise as a lifelong journey, and make me a part of it. Whether its to get you started, or you're here to stay, I promise to make exercise an enjoyable challenge.

To get a little personal, I live in the village with my husband and two kids. I enjoy weight training, gardening, baking, and my little Aussiedoodle Chile. You will often see me at Locomotive Friday mornings getting donuts (or two if I can choose between the flavours). 

My 5 Commandments of Training

1 Training should be the right mix of challenging, fun, and purposeful. 

2 Let's get back to the basics and not overcomplicate things. The foundation of a good workout is based on a few simple principles.

3 Listen to your body. If something hurts, let's talk.

4 The exercises you hate, are probably the ones you should be doing ;)

5 The programs work - if you do.

Rates and services

My personal training rate is $65.


Session are 50 minutes in length. 

Clients will be guided through any exercise done outside the studio as well.

I do not do nutrition coaching at this time.

"I have always been a sporty person but I am amazed at how much better I feel since starting weight training. I have had a few injuries last year - linked to other sports and getting older - and Bailey was able to adapt my workouts so that I didn't have to stop training. My whole family now goes to Bailey. The family workouts are tough but a lot of fun."
Francine M
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