A little bit about me...

"Fitness and Health is my life. For the love of sport, the strong mind and discipline, as well as the opportunity to make a difference in somebody's life."


My background is deeply rooted in team sports and physical competition - Hockey, Baseball, Soccer and Basketball. I began working out to make up for my short structure and by 16 I was practicing intense workouts and program designing. This is where my passion for this began...


I spent 3 years at Fanshawe College studying helping profession skills, as well as a grounding in Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition and Principles of Fitness.


I thoroughly enjoy knowledge and education is nonstop for me. I have  studied through many great professional education bodies such as Canadian Fitness Professionals, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, Functional Patterns and CHEK Institute.


I believe in an approach that is “quality, pain-free” mentality first, as in all movements throughout your day should be completed without pain or restriction before my  clients can think about strength or dynamic movements. This has culminated in a deep knowledge of postural development and foundational mechanics for me, which I believe can benefit everyone in a society of chronic sitting and many other unnatural, damaging repetitive patterns.

My training style is based around functional training - getting the body to move well locally and as an integrated unit. This begins with core activation and integration. I put a large emphasis on a strong cardiovascular base as well. From there, basic resistance training, maintaining joint flexibility as well as structural balance and coordination, athletic development and Metabolic Conditioning.


 Over the last 7+ years, my true passion has become nutrition. My continuing education and self-study has largely been nutrition focused, and I feel well equipped to have impactful change on the well being of others.


Today, the food I eat has never been more enjoyable and has never more-optimally fuelled me for workouts and recovery, yet it also enlightened me about new values in ethics as well as the environment. I am so grateful when allowed the opportunity to share this knowledge and to help others understand the power of food.


The last few years have shifted a large portion of my energy to discovering  the psychological impacts of healthy living. This entails not only fitness motivation and eating habits, but also managing stress and learning to listen to your body and, most importantly, calming the mind. It really is a powerful thing!


"As a personal trainer Lee takes extra time to listen and learn, researching injuries and physical limitations to enhance his knowledge as well as to ensure progress is made in a sustainable way. Lee pays attention to details."

Ashley C

"When workouts are tiring, life gets stressful, and you simple "don't feel like it", Lee is there to turn your day around and straighten you out! I had a goal, and with our workouts, I DID IT! We ran a 50km race in Ireland. Thanks Lee, it was a very proud moment!"

Cyndi G

"Lee helped me change my life with the LIVE REAL PLAN! He changed the way I looked at food and taught be how to treat my body. The initial month with Lee was the hardest, but once I was through it I was able to understand how the plan is a lifestyle and not a quick fix!"

Shannon M






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