Hi, I'm Bailey Wilfong.

I have been a trainer in London, Ontario for the last 10 years. I work with a wide range of clients with various needs, abilities, interests, and limitations. Although all clients are different, they all have the desire to BE STRONGER and FEEL BETTER.

My ideal client is anyone who wants to work hard, have fun, be positive, and not correct my poor counting abilities. That's really it.


Everybody, and every body is different. My programs are designed to cater to individual needs. But, no matter who you are, how long you've been exercising, or why you are exercising, I have principles that apply to everyone:



We need a plan, a point, and a method to the madness. My programs are structured to progressively get you to your goal.



I need you to show up. We are not going to get anywhere if we are not consistent. My programs work.. if you do.


Leave any negative self talk at the door. In my studio, we love all bodies and abilities.


We need to be safe. Injured clients are unhappy clients. Talk to me about everything you're feeling.



I promise exercise will be fun. I follow a 70/30 rule. 70% of exercises you will enjoy, 30% are my (educated) choice.



My programs are built on simple, proven principles, but my methods are always changing so we are not doing the same thing over and over again.



A little bit about my personal life.

I decided I wanted to become a personal trainer while taking the "Fitness 101" course in high school. I began to pursue that goal directly after high school and graduated Fanshawe College with a Fitness and Health Diploma. I am certified through the Canadian Society of exercise Physiology. Through the years I have obtained many other certifications and qualifications including precision nutrition, CHEK Academy, pre and post natal fitness and more.

I live in Wortley Village with my husband and two young kiddos. You will often see us out and about visiting the local shops.

When it comes to exercise, personally, I like to keep it real simple with my training. I strength train 3-4 days a week following a classic hypertrophy program, and run seasonally for cardiovascular and mental health.

I believe there is value in experience. In the past decade the exercise industry has exploded with variety. When it comes to training, I don't over complicate things. I know what works.

Why do I do what I do? It's simple.. I really do love it!


Bailey is amazing, providing clear demonstrations and instructions, and then sending workouts for home with the equipment you have. She is tough, and keeps you accountable making sure that you are making your goals into reality. She provides adaptations and makes sure that you are pushing your limits, but also safely learning how to do exercises. I have been training with her for almost a year, and I feel stronger each time I see her. I highly recommend seeing Bailey!


Coach B has made an amazing difference in my life. From Day One, they have taken the time to listen to and understand my goals and design a plan each week toward achieving them. Professional. Personable. Challenging. It is a great environment.


Village Fitness is an inviting place to workout and not a typical, intimidating gym. Bailey has taken my workouts to the next level! Training with her is challenging, but so fun! She is super encouraging and supportive! Highly recommend this gem of a gym in the Wortley Village!


Bailey is an excellent fitness coach because she has the knowledge, skills and genuine interest in helping people. So glad she’s in Wortley Village.

If you’re looking for someone to make you love your workouts, you’re looking for Bailey. She knows she’s pushing you. But she’s always ready to make you laugh.