My name is Lee. I have been personal training for 10 years now in London, Ontario and I have shared 4 different studio locations with my fitness partner-in-crime, Bailey. With a background heavily rooted in sports, I was initially drawn to what it is that cultivates great human abilities in sports, and how I could achieve this. It's been my ongoing mission to optimize this formula and apply it to all walks of life!


I studied at Fanshawe College for 3 years, but the real studying has happened over the last 10, working with clients and striving for my 10,000 hours of mastery! (if that's even enough given the  vastness of the fitness and health field!) 

I truly practice what I preach. I don't strive for perfection, I search for progress and gratefully learn from my many mistakes. There have been many. I believe we are all on our own fitness and wellness journey and I make it my mission to best fit in to yours, so that what I have to offer lands where you need it and the magic can happen.


Areas of Study

C.H.E.K Institute, CanFit Pro, Brookbush Institute, Functional Patterns, Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, The Foot Collective, various Whole Food Nutrition resources


Fitness & Health Influences


Paul Chek, Naudi Aguilar, Kelly Starret, Mike Salemi, Dr. Zach Bush, Nick St. louis, Rich Roll, Dr. T. Colin Campbell

Training Techniques/ Styles


• Corrective exercises (reintegration and alignment techniques)

• Functional strength movements

• Traditional Resistance Training

• Applied HIIT techniques/ Metabolic Conditioning

Exercise Modalities

• Free Weights (dumbbell, kettlebell, Landmine, bag work, mace work)

• Cable machine

• Resistance Band work

• Bodyweight work (hanging, ground work, gait cycle work, functional position work)

• Balance beam work

Other Work

I am also part of a team that creates content for a Fitness and Health platform. This is a relatively new venture, but I am very excited about the content and feel like I have much to share after 10 years.